We’re excited to announce that Creatix has joined the GoHealth family.

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Awarded Chicago's Best and Brightest to Work for 3 Years Running

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Meet our team

Our mission is to make a positive impact in the lives of those we do work for, those who use what we produce, and those who make it a reality.

Meet the team

Our leadership

David Jelinek / Founder, CEO

David Jelinek

Founder, CEO

There has never been a more exciting time to be in our business — helping progressive enterprises and ambitious new companies recognize meaningful results from their innovation efforts. It takes the alignment of people, process and technology to deliver powerful answers to hard problems. My job and motivation is to ensure that the construct of our teams and our clients’ goals are perfectly in sync.

Kamil Krauspe / CTO

Kamil Krauspe


Creatix is the realization of my own aspirations to build world-class software using best practices. Externally, we back them up by quietly and confidently delivering above and beyond our clients's expectations. As CTO, I set the standard for engineering rigor by demanding constant improvement and curating the environment and tools for engineers to do their best work.


“Matus! We just nailed our meeting! We officially have four properties lined up to beta our app! We wanted to pass on excitement and share with you how much it means to us that you have helped us get to this point. We feel vey lucky to have you on our team and can’t imagine what it would be like working with anyone else on this. You are always there to make last minute changes happen. We can’t thank you enough.”

Melanie / Apt App

“Hi David, I think things have been going great and it looks like we will probably want Jan a little longer than three months. Also might have some other stuff for you as well”

Trey / Wurrly

“We just made our revenue goal for this year, which was in a huge part due to all the hard work you and your team did for us. Thank you so much for being such an amazing partner! Please thank everyone on your team for me.”

Sandra / GoHealth

“Thank you Emily, Moon, David and Creatix team for all your work today and over the past few months getting the site built and launched. It looks awesome! Big win for Regroup!”

John / Regroup

“Thanks for all the hard work and the long days you put in regularly. It feels as if you were sitting next door and not 7,582 km away. Excellent job at owning the tickets you are working on and great communication between you and the team. We can all clearly tell you take pleasure on seeing the team succeed and don’t consider something done until it’s really done and shipped to PROD.”

Julio / GoHealth

“Thought I’d reach out commend the Creatix team on the interactions we’ve had over the last couple months. Albeit off requests, the efficiency, work quality and overall experience has been great . Kudos to Creatix.”

Michael / CMG

“Thanks David, we are really excited. This is really big for us. The Swych concept shone and people loved the idea of seamlessly sending and Swyching gift cards through the app and via the BOT. Thanks for the efforts from your team.”

Deepak / GoSwych

“Thanks again, everyone. I also wanted to report that both versions of the app have been cleared for release in beta by our team and we’re announcing it to a large number of partners today. Nice work, everyone and thank you”

Matt / NMI

“The agent Business Unit offers sincere appreciation to the Technology Team for their supercharged efforts in complementing the WellCare Medicare Advantage Telephonic/Web Sales initiative! … This ability gives GoHealth a strong competitive advantage and helps us recruit even more agents.”

Mike / GoHealth

“I reviewed the Onvi prototype with Emily Kohler this morning. Creatix will have a couples features to refine, but overall we have made terrific progress. Thanks for all the work from your team.”

Phil / Radius Innovation

“David, I’ve been super impressed so far. The engineers have great questions, they jumped in with little velocity change, and it’s been nice to see the code reviews.”

Brandon / SnapMobile

“Swych was selected to be among the 71 innovative fintech companies that presented at Finovate Fall 2016 in NY. We are glad to let you know that the 1500+ attendees voted Swych to be one of the “Best ”of Show” winners. In addition to this, we got fantastic feedback and we have over two dozen leads that includes banks wanting to have Swych functionality in their mobile app.”

Deepak / GoSwych


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