Kellogg's Corporate Apps

Corporate Hub

A place for the mobile and non-mobile workforce to view and interact with important corporate communications.

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Kellogg's Corporate Hub

K2GO for iOS

K2GO for WP8

Rotating Wheel

A fun interactive animated wheel menu allowing users to quickly switch from topic to topic.

Corporate Blog

Intergated directly into Kellogg's SharePoint platform.

Active Directory

It's important for Employees to be able to find each other within the company.

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People Finder

Active Directory integrated. Providing a full interactive dictory to all Kellogg's employees, mobile or non.

Also providing an interactive org chart that visualized your place within the company.

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Kellogg's People Finder

People Finder for ios

People finder for WP8


Full text search, optimized for mobile.

Advanced Search

Quick, easy and powerful functionality.

Interactive Org Chart

Where are you in the Kellogg's organization? Right here.

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