Chicago-based GoHealth, which provides a digital marketplace for private health insurance, announced today it has acquired a neighboring tech company in Chicago.

GoHealth’s deal with Creatix, a digital design and custom software development agency, means that GoHealth’s insurance marketplace will have access to a new pool of technical chops to fuel innovation in both the company and the realm of digital health insurance.

“The health insurance industry is thirsty for innovative technology,” said Clint Jones, CEO of GoHealth in a statement. “The Creatix team has the technological know-how to match our existing team of developers and together we can drive positive change throughout the industry.”

GoHealth, a rapidly-growing company that has already served more than 30 million customers, said they have relied on Creatix’s services in the past. That proven relationship helped lead to initial acquisition talks.

“We have a long-term relationship with Creatix, and they have continued to produce exceptional results for GoHealth,” said Brandon Cruz, President and Co-Founder of GoHealth in a statement. “It makes sense to formally combine the teams to increase resources and further strengthen our overall product development capabilities in the rapidly evolving healthcare marketplace.”

Creatix will continue to operate independently of GoHealth while maintaining its own brand and client base. The 35-strong team at Creatix works with clients from early-stage startups to leading Fortune 500 companies.

“This capitalization provides a platform for accelerated growth. Our focus still remains on growing our team and focusing on the quality of delivery on a larger scale,” said David Jelinek, CEO of Creatix in the statement.