5 Reasons Why Great Companies Need to Operate Like Start-Ups

It's hard to be jealous of the stresses that come with start-up life. E-mailing at 3 a.m. Stressing over the next big account. Tip-toeing along the tightrope that is a work-life balance. These experiences are all too real for new companies working to make it big. But in some ways, start-ups outshine their more established older siblings.

Mobility Maturing in the Enterprise

Many of today's CEOs are struggling with how to effectively engage technology when it is evolving at such a fast pace. Since iPhone, billions of mobile devices have deployed across the globe, creating a mobile industry and generating entirely new markets, new opportunities and, for many corporate leaders, new headaches.

An Optimal Outcome Starts With Asking the Right Questions

With your business though -- whether you're just starting up, or you're advancing an enterprise -- the key to continued growth lies in asking the right questions. What does "the right question" sound like though? How about a wrong question? You'll see in the three examples...

5 Lessons for Successful Business Partnerships

It's rare to find a successful company with only one man behind everything. More than great products, marketing and financing, it's important that the people behind the scenes have exceptional partnerships. So many promising startups fail because of personal issues among the founders and team members.Fortunately, since I founded Creatix ten years ago, I have met and continue to work with wonderful people from whom I learned the secrets to lasting business relationships that serve as the catalyst for the growth of our company.