Ako sa pripraviť na nové pravidlá GDPR

S našim špecialistom na bezpečnosť sme sa rozprávali o príprave na nové nariadenie o ochrane osobných údajov.

Persisting API Token in Server-Side Rendered React App

Session management in your react app might be as easy as setting a cookie, until you consider server-side rendering. Spoiler alert: it does not persist cookies.

Why Smart People Surround Themselves With Smarter People

Whether a best actor, business legend or superstar athlete, winners know how to surround themselves with people who are smarter, more experienced or better connected than they are. Regardless of all your hard work, unique talent, good timing or good luck, success is largely a factor of the people you make a part of your journey.

Creatix Marks First Year Anniversary of Its AcquisitionWith Momentum, Expansion and Growth

Creatix, a software product design and development firm, celebrated the first anniversary of its acquisition by GoHealth, a technology solutions provider for the health insurance industry, with record revenue growth, accelerated hiring, and the expansion of its Chicago office.

5 Reasons Why Great Companies Need to Operate Like Start-Ups

It's hard to be jealous of the stresses that come with start-up life. E-mailing at 3 a.m. Stressing over the next big account. Tip-toeing along the tightrope that is a work-life balance. These experiences are all too real for new companies working to make it big. But in some ways, start-ups outshine their more established older siblings.

Mobility Maturing in the Enterprise

Many of today's CEOs are struggling with how to effectively engage technology when it is evolving at such a fast pace. Since iPhone, billions of mobile devices have deployed across the globe, creating a mobile industry and generating entirely new markets, new opportunities and, for many corporate leaders, new headaches.

Mobility Offers Health to an Unhealthy World

Technology has created the opportunity to comprehensively track the realities of global health. In developed countries, billions of dollars are spent annually on treating obesity, cancer and chronic diseases. In developing countries, pandemic illnesses and poverty erode economies and shorten life spans.

An Optimal Outcome Starts With Asking the Right Questions

With your business though -- whether you're just starting up, or you're advancing an enterprise -- the key to continued growth lies in asking the right questions. What does "the right question" sound like though? How about a wrong question? You'll see in the three examples...

5 Lessons for Successful Business Partnerships

It's rare to find a successful company with only one man behind everything. More than great products, marketing and financing, it's important that the people behind the scenes have exceptional partnerships. So many promising startups fail because of personal issues among the founders and team members.Fortunately, since I founded Creatix ten years ago, I have met and continue to work with wonderful people from whom I learned the secrets to lasting business relationships that serve as the catalyst for the growth of our company.

Implementing iOS Core Spotlight

Every new iOS version brings something new and iOS 9 could not just stay out of this tradition. Our developers put some new great APIs in action.

10 mHealth companies cooler than Life Alert

Teaching parents to use social media may make you want to pull your hair out, but according to a new study out of Austria, it could help keep mom and dad mentally fit. Researchers from the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis found that people over the age of 50 consistently scored better on cognitive tests than similarly aged people years earlier, thanks in part to seniors’ increasing use of cellphones and computers. It seems that modern technology is forcing aging brains to improve. With the increasing use of technology, life has become cognitively more demanding, the average person currently has 26 online accounts.

Telemedicine Is Vital to Reforming Health Care Delivery

Health care remains one of the few services that require people to have a face-to-face interaction to obtain access. But more and more consumers are questioning that reality, and change is on the way. The concept of telemedicine is not new its roots go back to the late 1950s). The rising prevalence of chronic illnesses in an aging population puts pressure on the supply side of health care. Clinicians are not being trained fast enough to keep pace with the rate of service demand.

Creatix empowers Crate Free IL with Mobile App

Local nonprofits Socially Responsible Agricultural Project, Illinois Citizens for Clean Air and Water, and Crate Free Illinois announced today that they are exhibiting at The Farm Aid 30Home Grown Village on Northerly Island in downtown Chicago on Sept. 19.

What to say when asked why a company should hire you

Most people will answer this question by talking about their experience or education, and will add descriptions like “hard-working, loyal, team-leader,” etc. This is wrong.

GoHealth acquires neighboring Creatix to amp up technical chops

Chicago-based GoHealth, which provides a digital marketplace for private health insurance, announced today it has acquired a neighboring tech company in Chicago.

Why Chicago Is Shaping Up to Be One of the Hottest Tech Startup Scenes

For the second year in a row, Chicago trails only New York City as the No. 1 hub for fast-growing private companies on the Inc. 5000. Here's a quick look at why.

GoHealth Expands Technology Team With Acquisition of Creatix

GoHealth announces today the acquisition of the Chicago-based, interface design and software development company, Creatix. The deal is expected to further strengthen GoHealth's technical team and accelerate innovation in the health insurance digital space.

User Experience and SEO: What You Need to Know

The growth of the Internet took us from dial-up modems on huge, ancientdesktops to powerful computers that can fit in our pockets. As ithappens, much of this growth is due to advertising revenue and SEO. Alsoknown as search engine optimization, SEO is when a website's design andcontent are optimized so that search engines can easily find them. Whilethere are a lot of different factors that can improve a website's SEO,user experience is one of the most important.

A Case for Machine Learning

The sooner a company implements this technology, the smarter its software can become, learning and evolving on the fly. Quick to adopt, in this case, means quick to adapt and capitalize on opportunities for the long haul.

Judging Techweek's Hackathon

Founder/CEO, David Jelinek will be judging Chicago's Techweek 24-hour hackathon. Join developers and hackers for an all-day frenzy of fun, camaraderie and coding.